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Falls of Clyde International is a diverse group of passionate individuals who dream of saving and returning Falls of Clyde back to Scotland.

We are based in Glasgow, Scotland, just 12 miles from where she was built 139 years ago. While our base is in the U.K., we are an international team – with volunteers in Scotland, Hawaii and the U.S. mainland – working to bring her home.

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Our mission is to repatriate the historic vessel ‘Falls of Clyde from Hawaii to Scotland, to be rebuilt as a Community benefit project. If we succeed we will offer: 

Education at Sea

Carry Fairtrade Cargo

Offer Sail Adventure Holidays

Cadet Training

Ocean Plastic Collection & Recycling

This task is to preserve the heritage of Scotland’s shipbuilding past but at the same time to offer communities in Scotland and Hawaii opportunities to travel on her and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Strathclyde University Naval Engineering Dept is currently looking at the ship’s future uses and are working to redesign her for this new future, this also includes working with heavy industrial companies such as Ferguson Marine and Malin group.

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We are planning to bring this 19th Century ship, a real example of ‘Clyde Built’ durability and to transform her into a 21st Century example of Scotland’s abilities to deliver the latest Carbon-Free technologies to the world. Hydrogen propulsion, solar sails, battery banks, and onboard wind turbines are just the start of what will become the flag flyer of Scotland’s green engineering capabilities.

It is envisaged that once the rebuild is completed that she will visit Hawaii and the U.S. and offer places onboard to kids from areas long associated with her past. We will also offer educational scholarships to kids, both in the U.S. and in the U.K..

She will travel globally, trading, educating, offering adventure, preserving and protecting the environment and marine life.

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