Ocean plastic Collection and Recycling

Plastic waste in our oceans have become a growing problem with an enormous amount being dumped every day. Not only is it affecting the ocean’s sensitive eco-system but it’s killing vast amounts of sea life daily.

After further research we noted that ghost nets (fishing nets that have been left or lost in the ocean by fishermen) are one of the most damaging to marine life. We are currently in talks with several companies to create a program that would, not only geo tag and pick up these ghost nets but would also bring them back onshore to be recycled and re-used by communities around the world.
We also want to help build recycling plants and centres around the world in poorer communities not only creating jobs but also giving people the chance to help clean our oceans. The ship will be equipped with hoists and storage, capable of holding many tons of nets.

Garbage on the seashore
Polluted Beach With Plastic Trash And Single-Use Bottles Near Sea

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